A Guide for Beginners To Earn Money From Instagram In 20 Ways in 2024

Instagram is more than just a place for sharing photos and videos. Did you know you can actually earn money from instagram? In this guide, discover how you can start earning money from Instagram using different creative methods. It’s all about working smart, and I’ll walk you through everything you need to know.


How to Earn Money from Instagram


Affiliate Marketing

Partner with brands and showcase their products. When your followers buy through your unique link, you earn a commission.


Direct Selling

Promote your own products or services using Instagram. Set up an online store or use Instagram Shopping for a smooth selling process.



With a successful account and engaged audience, work with advertisers to display ads on your account for a fee.


Selling Photos and Content

If you’re into photography or have creative content, sell your images through platforms like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.


Writing and Publishing

Share snippets of your books or articles on Instagram to attract readers. Then, sell your books on platforms like Amazon Kindle.


Building a Personal Brand

Grow a strong following on Instagram, leading to opportunities as a speaker or consultant in your field.


Building a YouTube Channel or Blog

Use Instagram to boost followers and revenue for your blog or YouTube channel.


Educational Courses

Share your expertise by creating and selling courses or workshops to interested followers.


Consulting and Coaching

Offer professional services like marketing or fitness coaching and promote them on Instagram.


Donations and Fundraising

Use Instagram to support causes and fundraise for philanthropic work.


Graphic Design and Creative Arts

Display and sell your artistic work, from paintings to logo designs, using Instagram as your showcase.


Fashion and Accessories

Create an account to display and sell your fashion designs and accessories, leveraging Instagram’s visual appeal.


Cooking and Recipes

Share your culinary creations on Instagram and direct traffic to your blog for detailed recipes or selling e-cookbooks.


Fitness and Health

Share fitness tips and training programs with your followers to monetize your expertise in health and fitness.


Music and Performance

Showcase your music or performances on Instagram and sell tickets or lessons online.


Travel and Adventure

Share your travel experiences, collaborate with travel companies, and promote destinations on Instagram.


Offers and Contests

Engage followers with offers and competitions, like giveaways, to increase your audience.


Building Applications and Programs

Offer app or software development services if you’re a programmer and promote them on Instagram.


Working as a Model or Actor

Connect with agencies or directors by showcasing your work as a model or actor on Instagram.


Providing Photography and Editing Services

Offer professional photography or editing services to clients through your Instagram account.



making money on Instagram needs time and work. Be friendly with your followers and share interesting stuff. Build a cool Instagram account, and with effort, you’ll see good things happen!



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