Admob Ads on Blogger Website in 2024

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Hey guys today we will tell you how you will use admob ads on blogger website kindly follow all instructions given below, Admob is a ads providing platform from Google for app developers they can monetize their apps from Admob for earn money, admob preview is similar to Adsense and it is also from Google,

If you cannot get approval for your blogger website from AdSense so you can try using admob ads to monetize your blogger website kindly follow the instructions below and monetize your blogger,


How To Show Admob Ads on Blogger Website ?

  1. First of all you must have an admob account if you don’t have then you can create your admob account simply goto signup and open your admob dashboard
  2. After creating an admob account you have to create an ad unit for your blogger website, Simply click on ” Apps ” and then tap on ” ADD APP “
  3. When you done creating your app you will see a short code there simply copy that code and paste into your Notepad++ or any other text editor
  4. Copy all code given below in box and then paste it to your notepad++ and change publisher id and ads id and then now copy your code
  5. Log in your blogger dashboard and go to ” Layout ” then select any gadget and click on ” Add a Gadget ” and then you will see ” HTML/JavaScript “There now simply paste your code there and tab on ” Save ” button
  6. Now your ads are live you can see in your blogger website



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