Advanced 50 GB Free Data Prank Script PHP Free Download

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Today we are providing you Advanced level 50 GB Free Internet Script with help of this script you can create a prank website to drive alot of traffic to your website you can see many like that websites on WhatsApp because it’s going viral on WhatsApp if you make like that prank website you can earn money also

Features of this prank script

  • If you want to change images then you can customize it’s files PHP files and images by your own way but it’s looks is already attractive
  • It will force users to share your website in WhatsApp groups and friends force sharing will help your site to go more and more viral
  • This is a mobile friendly script that will load quickly in any mobile devices
  • It’s design is super smooth it will load super fast in any devices
  • You can use this script simply because this script is super easy to use


How to install this prank script

  • Buy a hosting from any hosting provider
  • Upload this prank Script In File Manager Public_Html Folder in your hosting cpanel
  • Check your website url your website will be load with cool looks


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How To earn Money from this prank script:

You can earn money also using this script first of all you create website with this script and place ads if you have approval of Google adsene you can place adsense ads otherwise you can use adsene alternative also for earn money there’s so many websites that provide ads and their APPROVAL So easy they are giving money also


Download this prank script link given below

Download Now


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