Body Mass Index ( BMI ) Calculator Full PHP Script Free Download

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Body Mass Index is a online tool to measure human body Mass index in that tool you just have to submit your height and weight and then show you exact measurements

If you also want to create your own body Mass index tool website then you can make it by this script it’s an advanced script for blogger you can make that website in you can download this script fully free from this our blog


Features of BMI Tool Script

  • It’s installation is so simple you can install this script in your website easily
  • You don’t need to create any Database in your hosting provider
  • This script’s loading speed is so fast when users open your website it will load quickly
  • Neat and clean UI and UX design
  • It’s a responsive design when users will open your website in their devices it will load responsivly
  • It’s installation is so simple you can install it so quickly and easily


How to install BMI tool script

  • Buy a hosting from any hosting provider
  • Upload this Body Mass index Script In File Manager Public_Html Folder in your hosting cpanel
  • Check your website url your website will be load with cool looks


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BMI Calculator means Body Mass Index it’s a tool on internet which help you to calculate and measure your body Mass index by your height and weight this tool is useful for all genders

This script is just for educational propose we are not guaranteed for any kind of damage or illegal use so kindly use it at your own risk

Download BMI Calculator script from below.

Download Now


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