Care React Bot Script For Facebook Reaction Full Working Script

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If you are a bot user or bot creator then i hope you know about reaction bot sites or reaction bot scripts so today we bring a brand new care reaction bot script for you facebook as introduced care reaction also so

its a care react bot script for you i hope you will like this script and your bot users will also like this reaction bot site and this script is fully optimised that will load too quickly and smoothly in your mobile devices,

this script if fully safe and secure that will not give any problem in your facebook accounts you can feel free to use this script.


Features of this care react bot script

  • Its a self react bot script that will provide care reactions by it self its totally auto script and it works with the help of cron that you will use on your bot website
  • This script has totally new and latest features that will make your users amazed
  • If you create your bot website it will load quicly and fastly this script has responsive design
  • This script can handle unlimited users to login


How to install Facebook video downloading tool script

  • Buy a hosting from any hosting provider
  • Upload this facebook care react bot Script In File Manager Public_Html Folder in your hosting cpanel
  • Check your bot website url i hope your website will load smoothly


If you want to customize this script by your own way then you can use notepad++ or any other alternative php editing tool which you feels better to edit otherwise no matter even you just upload this script in your website hosting because it already have own beautiful design.


Setup CronJob In Facebook Bot Website

  • First of all create own cron job tool website if you dont have then theres so many cron job tools on internet you can search in google we suggest you tp create cron on its good for cron jobs for bot websites
  • Register account in that cron website and then click on Create CronJob
  • Copy your bot website link and paste the link in box there end of your link put /value.php for example
  • After doing that all check your bot website i hope your bot website will be workable


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Disclaimer of bot script

This our script is totally free you can download this script from link below and you dont need to pay anyone for getting this script and we check all our script and use then personally before providing here

But still if you face any problem then we are not guaranteed of that and we are also not guaranteed for any kind of damage or illigal use so kindly use it at your own risk


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