How to make a Q&A video using Canva and Chatgpt (Create a Q&A video Quiz)

Learn how to create a Q&A video in this article. Use an interactive Q&A video or a quiz with Chatgpt and Canva to use artificial intelligence in various fields. You can make videos with questions and answers on religion, general knowledge, in various languages, or science. There have been millions of views of this content. easily on all social media platforms,

One of the most effective types of content on the web is video. There is a reason why specific video platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, etc.) exist for the sole purpose of publishing and promoting video content. Therefore, you have made a wise decision if you choose to produce video content for any reason. But at this point, you might be wondering how to make a video of high quality without using specialized software. One of the best free graphic design tools is Canva, and we’ll show you how to use it to make a video.


Explanation of creating a video on Canva.

You’ll need the following things to create a video in Canva:

  1. Computer: So you’ll have to do this on a computer — not the Canva mobile app.
  2. Canva Account: Canva user account. A Free account if you want to use only free templates and assets in your video, and a Pro account if you want to use professional templates, features, and assets. ( Get the Canva Pro team invitation from here ).
  3. Content and media files: You will need the content and media files (such as images, audio, video, etc.) that you want to add to the video.


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How to create a video in Canva (Create a Q&A video Quiz).

This may seem like a long process, but that’s only because we tried to explain everything in detail.

You’ll learn every step of this process before you even realize it, because Canva is so easy to use. Let’s see how to create a video in Canva:

  • Choose your template: The first step is to choose your template. Although it is possible to start with a blank page, we recommend that you choose a template as it makes the whole process much easier.
  • So you can start by going to and register or log in with a user account, and choose the “Video” tab from the home page as shown below.
  • How to create a video in Canva
  • When you select the Video tab, you’ll also see options for different types of videos (such as Facebook Video, LinkedIn Video Ad, Instagram Reel, etc.) you can create.
  • All these video templates come in different sizes and durations to suit the purpose for which they are designed. You can choose the desired option.
  • Choosing a video type will open a blank document in your preferred video size.
  • You’ll also see the Video Template Library in the side panel where you can choose a template for the type of video you want to create.
  • You can search the template library using a keyword of your choice to find related templates more quickly (for example, if you search happy birthday videos, you’ll see video templates related to birthdays).
  • You can also filter your templates according to different themes and needs from the menu bar located below the search bar.


How to make a Q&A video using Canva and Chatgpt.

Tools used to create a question and answer video on Canva.

  • The Canva website was used : to create video design and provide sound effects, as well as providing the ability to create hundreds of videos
  • The CHATGPT tool was used to generate a large number of questions
  • The Google bard tool can be used instead of GPT chat.
  • The ELEVENLABS website was used to generate a voiceover using artificial intelligence for free .
  • The video editing was done on Filmora . You can use any other program as you wish.
  • The best sites for converting written text into voice using artificial intelligence .
  • The best artificial intelligence sites will save you time .
  • The best free artificial intelligence tools .

In order for you to fully understand everything, we have made every effort to provide as much detail as we can. Please leave your questions in the comments section if you still have any. Without a doubt, we’ll make an effort to respond as soon as we can. If you learn anything from this article that is helpful, please share it on your social media.


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