Which is best device for PUBG in 2023?

The best device for playing PUBG would be a high-end gaming PC or a gaming laptop with powerful specifications.

For PCs and laptops, look for the following specifications to ensure a smooth PUBG experience:

  1. Processor (CPU): A powerful processor is crucial for smooth gameplay.
  2. Graphics Card (GPU): A dedicated graphics card is essential for running PUBG at high settings.
  3. Storage: A fast SSD (Solid State Drive) is preferable for quicker loading times and smoother gameplay.


If you prefer a mobile platform, high-end smartphones are capable of delivering an excellent PUBG experience.

Please note that newer devices may have been released since my last update, so I recommend checking for the latest reviews and benchmarks to find the best device currently available for playing PUBG. Always consider your budget and gaming preferences when choosing a device.


What is the highest FPS in PUBG Mobile?

As of my last update in September 2021, the highest frame rate (FPS) available in PUBG Mobile was 90 FPS. This option was available for certain high-end devices that could handle the increased frame rate.

Please note that game developers often release updates and optimizations to improve performance and support higher FPS on newer devices. It’s possible that the maximum FPS cap in PUBG Mobile may have increased or changed in subsequent updates.


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To check the current highest FPS cap in PUBG Mobile, I recommend checking the game’s settings on your device or referring to the latest information available from official sources or the game’s community forums. Keep in mind that achieving the highest FPS may also depend on the hardware capabilities of your specific device.


How much FPS is high in PUBG?

The human eye typically perceives gameplay as smooth and fluid at frame rates around 60 FPS and higher.

Having a high FPS is desirable in any competitive online game, including PUBG, because it offers several advantages:


  1. Smooth gameplay: Higher FPS provides a smoother and more responsive gaming experience, which can be crucial during intense moments
  2. Reduced input lag: Higher FPS can result in lower input lag, meaning your actions in the game respond more quickly to your inputs, giving you a more immediate and accurate control over your character.
  3. Better tracking of enemies: With higher FPS, enemy movements will appear more fluid, making it easier to track their movements and aim more accurately.
  4. Reduced motion blur: High FPS can help reduce motion blur, making it easier to spot enemies and objects in fast-paced situations.


In PUBG, most players aim for at least 60 FPS, and higher-end systems or devices may achieve frame rates of 90 FPS or even 120 FPS if supported.

Remember that achieving extremely high FPS might require a powerful gaming device, and it’s essential to balance visual quality with performance to find the optimal setting for your gameplay experience.


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