What's New In PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 System Requirement, Device Compatibility, and Latest Update
What's New In PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 System Requirement, Device Compatibility, and Latest Update

In PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 always coming new updates and new things that makes this game more unique and interesting to play, so let’s know about its new about recently added things in pubg mobile  


System Requirement & Device Compatibility

For playing this game you must have Android 5 or higher and in IOS you must have IOS 9 or higher Apple phone, and you must have minimum 2GB RAM, if we talk about storage then you must have minimum 2GB space in your phone for playing this game, and if we talk about CPU then you must have 1.8 GHz or faster cores that must be more smooth to play  


New Maps and Places:

In PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 you can explore new places it’s like going to a new adventure, recently they have added a new map which is called Livik, this is a small map but you love it and its perfect for short games, and Erangel also have been updated, which looks more cool by its new graphics,  


Better Graphics and Speed:

Do you ever noticed why Pubg Mobile is looking so good to play because they are always working on it and updating it regularly, and they are working to make it more smoother for every smartphone, and they are also working on HDR graphics and ultra HDR graphics for making it more clear and colorful  


Fun Events and Team-ups:

PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 making team-up with other peoples and also they are doing events with movies, shows and also with famous peoples these events brings special things in this game, like special outfits and challenges  


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Changes to Make the Game Fair:

Pubg mobile wants to give everyone chances to win thats why they are listening to players and updating the game depending on players’ supports, because of these changes everyone enjoying to play this game  


Playing with Friends and Making New Ones:

Playing Pubg mobiles is amazing but when you are playing with your friends then its becoming more amazing and enjoyable to play pubg mobile, in PUBG MOBILE 3.1.0 you can join groups and while playing game you can chat with your friends, they are doing fun events also where you can meet with new friends and play game togahter, its about spending good time with others






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