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Color UI Advance Colorful Blogger Templates is a professional theme for blog websites if you want to create a magazine blog site for reviews and tech then this is the best blogger template for you, This template is a pretty unique theme for your blog website you can easily customize this theme and this is super fast and smooth because this theme doesn’t have any extra codes that reflect website speed. if you like our content then kindly bookmark our website because we are providing blogger templates here regularly


Features Of Color UI Advance Colorful Blogger Templates

Design: This template is totally colorful and unique design if you click on any website you will see a hover effect on post thumbnails your user experience will increase by the beautiful and unique look

Menu: You will have megamenu and features menu in this template where user can easily goto content by category

Night Mode: Nowadays you can see night mode is appearing everywhere on websites or social media so this design also has night mode feature on the top bar just click on that and your website will turn into night version

Responsive Design: Color UI is a responsive template for all kinds of devices like Desktop, IOS, Android, or Ipad this template loads perfectly


How to install Color UI Advance Colorful Blogger Templates

  1. First, goto and go to your blogger dashboard
  2. Then in the left sidebar you will see the Theme option just click on that option
  3. After that you will see a customize option beside of that will be an arrow just click on that arrow button
  4. When you will click on the arrow there will be open a new tab on the second option you will see a Restore button just click on that
  5. When you will click on the Restore button it will ask you to upload theme from your device just click on Upload
  6. Just Upload the XML file and your website design will be ready for you


How to Customize Color UI Advance Colorful Blogger Templates

It’s simple to customize your blog you just have to click on the layout option and there you will see all customizing gadgets you can add or remove gadgets there whatever you want to add or remove,



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