Create a Love Calculator Website In Blogger
Create a Love Calculator Website In Blogger

Love Calculator Website In Blogger is for tool website that helps people to calculate their partner’s love with name or date of birth, this website works by mathematical numbers to generate scores between two people, These kinds of websites are just for fun only where peoples check their love for their partner or crush, where users simply type their name and their partner’s name then click on calculate button and then you will see some numbers with percentage, Love calculator websites are not accurate or real so please don’t ever take them seriously, it’s just for fun and entertainment purpose


Features of Love Calculator Website In Blogger

  • This script has a responsive design and mobile-friendly source code which supports all kinds of devices like android, ios or tab
  • You can easily customize this script notepad++ or any other HTML editor tools
  • This script supports Google Fonts
  • You can use this script in blogger posts or pages
  • It have ads placement option so you can place your ads codes easily
  • This script source code is totally clean and smooth UI or UX


How to use the Love Calculator Website In Blogger?

  1. Creating love calculator website on Blogger is super easy and simple you just have to follow all instructions given below and your website will be ready in just few minutes only
  2. Simply you have to sign in to your blogger dashboard, if you don’t have created blogger account yet then simply goto and then click on “Create Your Blog” and your blog will be created
  3. Now simply upload a template for your blogger website that must be clean UI and smooth look,
  4. Now you have to create a fresh page on your blogger website for creating love calculator website, simply tab on Pages and then click on “Create Page“
  5. Now turn your page into “HTML VIEW” and then simply paste all code there, you can customize that script if you have knowledge about HTML codes otherwise you can let it simple
  6. After done customizing you can publish your blog to make it live and after that simply share your link to your friends


How to earn money using Love Calculator Website In Blogger?

You can show AdSense ads on your love calculator website for earn money when users come to your website, if you don’t have AdSense approved website, you can use other alternative ads provider companies like propeller ads or, or you can also do affiliate marketing to your website for earning money


Download Love Calculator Script



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